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What is Walk4Water For Schools

To Develop Empathy

Walk4Water is an annual event organised by Time to Help to raise awareness of water scarcity. On average, women and girls in developing countries walk 6 kilometres (approximately 3.5 miles) a day, carrying 20 litres (about 42 pounds/20 kgs) of water. It is common for this journey to take more than 15 hours a week in some areas.

We will each challenge ourselves to carry 10 litres of water for 5.6 km to build empathy with those struggling to access clean d and safe water. We also want to raise funds to build new water wells. By building these wells we will provide easy access to clean and safe water to thousands of vulnerable people.

We will walk to make their journey shorter.

Why Should Schools Participate?

Education is the key, especially given at young age. Children are the future of this world. While we need to leave them a liveable environment, they are responsible for conserving the planet. Hence, Walk4Water taking place in schools enables students to take responsive action towards environmental issues.

We deliver students opportunities for active involvement in learning, sharing and caring for one another. We encourage them for enhanced understanding, and interactive fundraising means to bring positive social change to vulnerable communities.

Walk4Water Challenge is a fantastic event for the youth, not just to donate or raise funding for a good cause but consolidate too!

What is Included in the Programme?

TTH UK offers an exclusive programme to create an opportunity for students to learn and flourish more about water scarcity with a remarkable experience.

The programme includes;

- A presentation with visuals and audio given to students from our project manager, describing the importance of water saving and problems caused by lack of clean water and sanitation
- A sample of dirty water people collect and drink in Africa
- Carrying water-filled jerry cans to develop empathy with children in Africa
- VR videos for enabling teachers and students to feel the reality and challenges experienced in Africa because of the climate change
- An art competition on the topic of climate change related to water scarcity
- Cultural exhibitions, including Turkish Marble Art

What does a Partner School Need to Do?

The participating school should raise £2350 to build a water well for a sister school in Africa.

Before the fundraising period starts, Time to Help UK will deliver the programme to the participating school.
We encourage the schools to open a fundraising page on Enthuse and raise money from all participating students, parents, and teachers to support building a water well.
If the participant school can raise £2350, TTH UK will build a water well in the name of the school in Africa. If the school can't achieve the target, the rest of the amount may be complemented by raised funds from another participating school, and TTH UK may open the water well in the name of both schools.

Fundraising Ideas

Students and parents can check out the fundraising ideas to develop with activities to support their cause.

• Walk4Water Challenge - Carrying 10 L Water-Filled Jerry Cans for 3 Mile
• Afternoon Tea with Friends and Family with Entry Ticket
• Halloween Party with Entry Ticket
• Movie or Quiz Night with Entry Ticket
• Car Boot Selling
• Handmade Crafts or Jewellery Selling
• Handmade Gift or Christmas Cards Selling

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